November 19, 2008, Terry Forsyth & John Weisbrich

Posted on 19. Nov, 2008 by Greg Mossfeldt in Minnewanka

Got out with G. John Weisbrich and Terry Forsyth today for a long dive but we swam for the duration so it wasn't to cold if one wore gloves and such.

Terry as you all know is a fireman so he wanted to show John and I just how tough these guys can be sooo. He put on a new dryglove last night which is a sure fire way to have a leak the next day.

At the start of the dive he told us he imagined a cold stream in his hand but we were doing pictures so he decided to let it go. My story Terry you have to go with it laugh.gif

We did images all over the 1912 Dam and then a swim to the well. Terry said his hand was OK there because it felt like it was now on fire (his hand warmth must have been heating up the continual flow of water in his dry glove), it wasn't the cold. I needn't remind you guys that the water temp is 39F.

From the well we went for about another 70 minutes so lucky he didn't have to stop for a pee.

  1. John Weisbrich has been known to take some mighty fine shots so we handed the camera back and forth a few times to see how he did with the diving imagery so I could get in on the hero shots too.

On the way back I was wondering why Terry was scootering with his elbow joint and look Mom no hands thing. I thought this was the new trickster scooter diving called Donkey diving or something to do with an animal. I guess my thoughts were I would have to practice Zohan moves in the spring.

We got back to shore amidst the cheers of the mid week cold weather tourist shuffle and he still didn't complain. Terry even answered a tourist question which I would have had a hard time dealing with even in the best of times.

It wasn't until everyone was settled that he told us what had happened while he dumped the fish out of his glove. John and I were quite impressed with this strength of discipline but we still asked Terry to move along and pack the van.

Terry was a bit slow getting unsuited and such but I would imagine this is a bit more challenging with the brain hemorrhaging.

Thanks for getting me back on time for work Terry and thanks to both of you for a great start to my day.