Nanaimo, Day 2, March 25th, 2013

Posted on 23. Mar, 2013 by Darron Froese in West Coast

Day 2 of our West Coast trip started off with two more 60 minute penetration dives on the HMCS Cape Breton.

Divers today were Greg Mossfeldt, James Dixon, Darron Froese and Richard Huntrods.

After a tasty pancake breakfast at Tania's, we headed down to the marina to weight our scooters. Scooters need some fine tuning for the salinity of the salt water - which is more dense. After weighting and talking to Capt. O'Brien for a while, we were finally on our way.

The weather was clear and calm - flat water as far as the eye could see - and no discernable current at all. Our first dive was to the bow of the ship which lies in approximately 125 feet of water. Swimming around that area and looking for loot proved fruitless so we ascended and scootered around the ship. James attempted to dislodge the parasitic growth (Richard) that had attached himself to his crotch d-ring, but was unsuccessful as he could not be brushed off - even after a pretty rough hit on the smokestack.

After a simple ascent and a leisurely surface interval, we hopped back into the water - sans scooters - grabbed the cameras and descended to the deck. James took the big camera and practiced shooting everything in sight, while the rest of us wandered around the top deck, looking into various nooks and crannies. Pretty quickly, we discovered a small female wolf eel that didn't want to play so we kept moving and wandered around some more.

After a quick detour through a really silty passageway, we dropped down into the wreck again and made our way back to the upline where we finished our second dive for the day.

James Dixon was on still camera duty today and took all the underwater images for Day 2. Another great set of dives was completed without incident and with fun being had by all.