Ice diving with Adventures in Scuba

Posted on 11. Feb, 2011 by Greg Mossfeldt in Ice Diving

Adventures in Scuba was out for their first Ice Diving opportunity of the season February 5 and 6 at the pilings dive site in Lake Minniwanka.

Their 'five star' operation was up and running on Friday making for fast site preparation by students on Saturday. The thick blanket of snow – about six inches – resulted in a lot of shovelling by students in preparing the directional arrows 'home' but, with great weather on surface, this was a refreshing task soon completed.

Under the ice – a beautiful site! Ambient light was fantastic – the visibility the best it has been in several seasons. Hovering just below the surface divers could see all four pilings very clearly. And the directional arrows to the egress point – incredible.

Greg Mossfeldt and Greg McCuaig were also on site doing some diving with their re-breathers. What an awesome way to dive such a surreal environment – no bubbles, no chatter – just the beauty of the sun's rays through the ice lighting the remains of a long ago road way.

Greg Mossfeldt took advantage of the visibility to capture some photos of the students' skill development. Several students and a future Ice Dive Instructor were caught learning 'the ropes' and what not to do. All in great fun! Amazing was the fact that several divers had not visited the pilings dive site before – they likely won't see it this clearly for a long while again.

Thank you Greg for capturing this moment in time and highlighting the beauty and advantages of ice diving.

Lana Taylor Adventures in Scuba