Ice Diving, March 5, 2010

Posted on 05. Mar, 2010 by Greg Mossfeldt in Ice Diving

The sun was shining so it was a good start to the day. Ken Thate stayed at my place last night and we got up early to set up the gear. The plan was for Greg and Leigh-Ann and John Weisbrich to meet Ken and I for 7 AM at my place for the journey to dive.

The morning is usually uneventful with exception of the pit stop at Tim Hortons in Canmore.

Once we drove up the mountain to Minnewanka all spirits were heightened with expectation of the coming day of ice diving. We saw way to the south a group of divers congregating from AquaSport Scuba. It looked like ice dive training was in full swing as there were quite a number of divers there on site.

We didn't have to cut much of a hole for diving but Greg McCuaig did the honors and had our opening sequenced out in no time. Leigh-Ann was on the camera and recorded the day much to our delight. Both Kyle Stories and Leigh-Ann would supervise the proceedings today and log all of our dives and make sure no tourist wandered near our ice entrance.

All of our group entered into the ice hole together and we made our way to the familiar setting of the 1912 Dam. Although we have observed the artifact many times in the past it does not become a tiring or boring goal. Minnewanka allows us the backdrop to practice the much required skills for the demands of technical diving and we all share in the fantastic camaraderie unique to each adventure.

On our way back up from the 1912 Dam we saw Dave Elia clinging on to the barrel appearing as though his buoyancy went south. We all pointed in his direction and allowed him to try and sort out the situation in order to maintain dignity but it was not to be. Dave went up a little ways then plummeted to the hard rock bottom spinning to the ground like a wounded Sea Gull. Dave was giving us a signal similar to the one we do with shadows on the wall when we were children but that meant his leg was cramping up. I hope it didn't happen while he was trying to sort out his buoyancy. Anyway Ken Thate saw I was on top of the situation but was so engrossed he forgot to keep his camera rolling. Dave made it fine to the ice hole entrance but he was hobbling for some time trying to work the constricted muscle so he could climb up the rocks with his gear.

Ken, John, Greg and I decided to go for round two of the ice diving and we went in for another forty or forty five minutes so we knew we were hardcore.

After the diving and back into Calgary we went to Carribeam Dreams dive store for air fills and some more jaw chewing. We also invited out John Harcus the co-owner of the facility out with us the next day. John unleashed his pet Iguana for the days event so he could borrow his bolt snap but that is the story of another days adventure.

Last night we had dinner at my place and most of the divers from the day came over. Leigh-Ann and Greg McCuaig, Ken Thate, and John Weisbrich and myself all had Prime Rib steak which we picked up at the local CO-OP. James and Ken did the barbecueing while Gwen made up all the accessories and really helped out settle the hungers of all the divers.