Day 6 - Kaaparen

Posted on 20. Jul, 2006 by Greg Mossfeldt in East Coast

The target for today was the HMS Otter

Yesterday while coming into the Kaaparen Dave Gray observed an image on his depth sounder that appeared to be metal and up off the bottom. From information held locally it was thought it may be the HMS Otter.

The gang was very excited at the prospect of new exploration so it was decided that today Al Henneberry, Paul Crocker and Steve Schultz would lead the charge down to her with Greg Mossfeldt coming in from behind to film the discovery.

As we neared the numbers we had recorded previously nothing came on the sounder. I had spoken with experienced wreck explorer Gordon Fader the previous evening about what we thought was the HMS Otter but from his findings he couldnt confirm this to be a valid target location. It would appear that Gordon was accurate on his assumption so the Otter has eluded us on this occasion.Gordon has over 52 targets recorded in the area that are very likely to be shipwrecks so the search goes on for the shipwrecks this area rich in history provides

Team 2006 perceviered onward to the Kaaparen and we all had a very rewarding dive. The team is really looking professional in the water as we move forward into the deeper section of the expedition. It is hopeful we may be diving the Athel Viking tomorrow but weather conditions do not appear to me favorable.