Day 10 - fun with Harv's RIB

Posted on 23. Jul, 2006 by Greg Mossfeldt in East Coast

Today we saw a break in the weather so thought we would at least trying and get out into open ocean and make a run for the Athel Viking. All the players were keen as we had been sidelined for a few days with wind. It was somewhat timely as the gang did have six straight days of deep decompression diving and required the rest. We hadnt expected such a long wait but who is counting for the weatherman.

We made it out about an hour riding the swell and everyone kept positive will enroute. Problem was that as we got closer to our destination the swell became larger leaving us with mounting concern. About fifteen minutes from the Athel Viking I looked around the boat, back to the ocean and decided to call the dive. Skipper Dave wheeled back around to shore and the gang all understood the situation and I believe were understood the nature of our situation.

Not all was lost however as our new wing man Harv Morash brought all spirits back up and offerd to off board the Ryan & Erin so Harv, Steve and I jumped in Harvs RIB and had a blast while entertaining the gang back on board the Ryan & Erin. Thanks for that Harv you are a real soldier!