Day 2 - L-26

Posted on 16. Jul, 2006 by Greg Mossfeldt

The weather today was conducive to the 2 hour sail down to the Peggys Cove area of Nova Scotia. Sea was calm with little swell so we didn't have any sailors checking out over the gunnel.

Joining us today we had Brian Nadwidny, Bryan Eaton, John McCuaig, Jeff Grimson, Harvey Morash, Steve Schultz, Doug Smeaton, Al Henneberry, Jason Kennedy, Paul Crocker and Greg Mossfeldt. Along with Skipper Dave Gray we had his growing son Steven as crew. Steve has grown considerably since our visit in 2003 and is a real asset hoisting up the Gavin and SS scooters. Skipper Dave is happy to lift our Xscooters which are half the weight of the pioneering type scooters.

As we all realize it is somewhat difficult to hook a submarine as its shape does not allow the anchor to hook into anything. Dave dropped the anchor down on the wreck, so with no current in the vicinity we stayed fast right over top the L-26. Steve, Jeff and I dropped down the slack line to 170 where Steve moved the anchor under a loose hanging metal plate and then found what appeared to be a steadfast hitching post. Upon further examination it also would have broken lose should current have picked up but the sea gods were with us and all was well.